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Financial Modeling & Analysis

The financial modeling and analysis report, consists of all the property information analyzed with the adequate  financial models. The lab preforms data analyses  that evaluates the life cycle cost of the renewable energy integration. In particulate, we compute the capital expenditure the cost of operation and resulting projected cash flows. Finally we produce the project internal rate of return and it's associated risk measures,   
Research Analysis and Presentation Work Scope


Virtual Property Inspection

Collecting property physical analysand construction plans and lend surveying for analysis for system integration


Data Collection & Analysis

Collecting property utility consumption bills for optimal production and consumption analysis. Acquisition and climate data base and statistical analysis for future production.


Renewable Energy System Selection

Mathematical modeling simulation all the possible renewable energy and sustainability integration selection of the most profitable one based on the layout. Out of all the possible integrations for renewable energy & sustainability .  


Material Collection & Presentation

Producing a complete report of the resulting renewable energy & sustainability investment strategy, for best execution. Presentation of future revenue and savings


Online Customer Review

Providing one hour of online consulting of the resulting  renewable energy & sustainability strategy and their pros and cons, for optimal decision making on the renewable energy & sustainability strategy.   
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